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Staff Members are the daily functioning body of the game, responsible for affairs of the various services of BattleStick 2.

Here is a list of all roles and their respective staff members.



The developer is responsible for creating and updating the game. He has the final authority on everything to do with BattleStick 2.

- UnlimitedX

Community Manager

The Community Manager, can be considered as the 'developer's assistant', is responsible for managing, moderating and handling communications with players and moderators, and passing feedback and any other queries to the developer.

- Kimano {User:Kimano}


Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are responsible for maintaining order in the game's chats. They answer players' questions related to the game and take care of rule-breakers.

List of Chat Moderators

- hxze

- TeeVee

Wiki Editors

Wiki Editors are responsible for keeping the Wiki updated and writing informative easy-to-understand articles.

List of Wiki Editors

- hxze (Wiki Administrator) {User:Hazeral}


Designers are responsible for creating artworks and logos for the game, such as for social media posts, announcements, events, and contests.

List of Designers

- Bluemoon

Social Media Moderators

Social Media Moderators are responsible for maintaining order on BattleStick 2's official pages in social media. They answer players' questions asked both in comments and privately, moderate posts and take care of violations.

List of Social Media Moderators

- N/A

Events Moderators

Events Moderators regulate activities regarding StickSports. They are the ones who organize tournaments, approve teams, and consider reports regarding StickSports content. They also act as referees for official events and tournaments in the community.

List of Events Moderators

- hxze (Events Administrator) {User: Hazeral}

Discord Moderators

Discord Moderators are responsible for upholding the rules of the game's official Discord server by keeping the server clean from garbage mouths, spammers and other types of rule-breakers.

List of Discord Moderators

- TeeVee