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Levels are a visual way to show your experience points.

There are 40 distinct levels in the game, from Level 1 to Level 40. By leveling up you earn a specified amount of coins and unlock new equipment.


Levels are divided into four sections, each with its own badge.

Badge Name Levels Description
INSERT SURVIVORS BADGE Survivors 1-9 These are new players who are still learning the game mechanics.
INSERT FIGHTERS BADGE Fighters 10-19 These are players who managed to learn various game mechanics and are now training to master them!
INSERT PROS BADGE Pros 20-29 These are players who mastered playing skillfully!
INSERT LEGENDS BADGE Pros 30-40 These are the all-knowing veterans of the game!


Guests are players who have not yet registered in the game.


Experience points (EXP) are the units that you gain from killing players. Experience allows you to level up and unlock new equipment.

Ways of Gaining Experience Points

  1. Killing enemy players
    • ...
  2. Healing teammates with Brigida.
  3. Conquering points in Conquer Points.

Coins Table