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An archer's favorite - every stickman owns one. The only weapon which doesn't cost a coin, but one of the most appreciated. Bow is your standard arrow-shooter: point your mouse cursor, aim, shoot, wait to reload, and repeat. The essential toy for piercing bodies!

Category Role Price Parameters
Ranged Raider Coins icon.png 0
Diamond.png 0
Hitbox: 15px
Cooldown: 1.75s
Damage: 190pts
Speed: 1650
Range: 3000px
Push radius: 150


  • Medieval Bow
  • Dark Bow
  • Interesting Facts

    • Bow is the first weapon to have released in the game.
    • Bow is the only weapon that doesn't cost a coin. Only its skins have a price.
    • Bow is the only weapon that Guests are able to use.